For many kids with physical disabilities playing with off-the-shelf toys is not possible. Depending on their unique abilities a toy might not be accessible. 

However, if a child can move their feet, head, arm, mouth or any other part of their body it is possible to use a switch to play with the toy. Accessibility switches come in a variety of styles for different abilities.

Adding switch jacks to a toy will not affect the original quality of use, the existing buttons will operate as normal and kids who use accessibility switches will now be able to operate the toy.

Find out more information on switch access.

Who is hosting this?

The ITPediatrics class at Interactive Telecommunications Program / NYU is hosting Hacking for the Holidays. ITPediatrics is focused on empowering a child in long term pediatric care using low and high tech assistive devices. 

The Interactive Telecommunications Program is a 2 year graduate program in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University exploring art, technology and the recently possible.